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Francis Magalona. died at 44 becasue of Leukemia

Many Filipinos are surprise on the untimely death of The Master Rapper Francis Magalona, 44, passed away Friday. I was watching Eat Bulaga last Friday March 6, 2009 when Vic Sotto confirmed the news and asked for a minute of prayer for the eternal repose of the singer-composer's soul. He passed away at 12 noon

Francis M. was diagnosed with Leukemia (Cancer in the Blood)Magalona had been undergoing several chemotherapy sessions since he was diagnosed with leukemia in August last year but was too weak to fight the infection,

A doctor at the hospital who requested anonymity told reporters that Magalona succumbed to multiple organ failure "secondary to severe sepsis and secondary to pneumonia."

Magalona is survived by his wife Pia Maria Arroyo-Magalona and his eight children, including celebrity Maxine Magalona.

Magalona's battle with the illness was made public last year.

The 44-year-old singer-composer told the Philippine Entertainment Portal in December 2008 that he survived a delicate medical condition days before he was dispatched from a hospital.

"Akala ko kasi magki-Christmas ako sa ospital, e, [I thought I would spend Christmas in the hospital] because I had a very, very, very close brush with death last December 4. I went into septic shock and it was a very scary moment," he said in an earlier interview.

It was announced last year that Magalona was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant.

"My doctor said I'm in remission right now after my third chemo cycle. So, my next move would be to do the bone marrow transplant and I'm very happy to announce that I was able to find a match. One of my sisters from the States we have the same tissue typing so she would be my donor," he added.

Family, friends pour in

In a GMA "Flash Report" Friday, reporter Sandra Aguinaldo said among the first personalities to rush to the Medical City Hospital in Mandaluyong City to condole with the family of Magalona were long-time friends Michael V, singer Ogie Alcasid, and Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista.

Also rushing to the hospital was veteran actress Rosa Rosal, who chairs the Philippine National Red Cross Blood Donation program.

Magalona – a father of eight – was bald but smiling in the last three photos in his last Web log (blog) entry.

The "Mga Kababayan Ko" singer was then very optimistic he would win his bout with cancer.

“Good evening people. I am getting prepared for my 4th Chemotherapy cycle, and I will be admitted tonight at The Medical City. I will be doing some tests tomorrow, wish me luck," Magalona wrote in his blog on Jan. 14.

The “Master Rapper" was wearing his signature “3 stars and a Sun" T-shirt in the picture.

Magalona started his career as a break dancer in the early 1980s before appearing in several movies, including a lead role in Viva Films “Bagets 2.” He then worked as a disc jockey for the defunct radio station DMZ he was called The Mouth in the late 80s and then ventured into TV hosting, as a regular of the noontime show “Eat…Bulaga!” and a VJ for MTV Asia. He was also a judge in “Philippine Idol” the original local franchise of the international Fremantle reality singing talent search.

At the same time, he took the musical route as the well-known rapper-songwriter, with his ground breaking hit “Mga Kababayan Ko” in his debut 1990 album “’Yo” that also spawned the hit ballad “Cold Summer Nights.” Several albums followed, “Rap is FrancisM,” “Meron Akong Ano?,” and “Freeman” that further proved his mastery of the genre.

here is a music video of one of my favorite Francis Magalona Songs

Leukemias Risk factor and Prevention

Incidence, Mortality and Survival
Leukemias rank 7th overall (3.9%), 6th in males (4.3%) and 8th among females (3.6%). In 2005, there will be an estimated 4,202 new cases, 2,243 in males and 1,959 in females. There will be 3,498 deaths, 1,863 in men and 1,635 among women. In the Philippines, median survival is 29 months, 5-year survival rate is 25%, and 10-year survival is 8.33%.

Risk Factors and Prevention
Exposure to high doses of radiation and continuous and prolonged exposure to certain chemicals have been blamed for increasing the risk of leukemia.

Warning Signals
Easy fatigability, pallor, weight loss, easy bruising, frequent nosebleed, or repeated infections, especially among children. Symptoms of acute leukemia appear suddenly. Chronic leukemia may progress slowly with few symptoms.

Early detection
There is no practical screening method for leukemia. Early detection of symptomatic patients, particularly children, should be aimed for. Peripheral blood smears and bone marrow examination confirm the diagnosis in suspicious cases.

Some forms of leukemia, particularly acute lymphocytic leukemia in children, are highly curable by chemotherapy. The public sector ought to allocate more resources for the management of curable leukemias in indigent children.

Sources: 2005 Philippine Cancer Facts and Estimates, Philippine Cancer Society http://www.gmanews.tv/


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