Sunday, December 14, 2008

DIY Homemade Organic Cosmetics

Would it be great to have the luxury of a beauty salon right in the middle of your home? Yes! if you have the time, enthusiasm and energy, consider making your own organic cosmetics and toiletries. All you need is a few common ingredients available at your own kitchen refrigerator, or at your local grocery and drug store, a few recipes, a little time and you're set. It's not only cheap, safe and healthy, but you also get the delight of customizing your own beauty regimen. Here are simple easy to do organic cosmetics for your convenience

Organic Cosmetics for your Face

Banana Facial (good for dry skin)

2 medium Bananas
Honey (optional)

Mash bananas with a fork dont over mash or it will be too runny. Add honey if dseired. Smooth over skink, let sit for 10 minutes, rinses off with coll water.

Apple Facial Mask (good for acne prone skin)

1 medium size apple (grated)
5 tablespoons of honey

Mix the grated apple with honey to make a mask. Smooth over skin then let sit for 10 minutes, rinse off with cool water.

Carrot Top Facial Mask (good for normal-Oily skin)

2 to 3 large carrots
4 and 1/2 tablespoons of honey

Cook carrots then mash. Mix with honey. Apply gently to the skin, wait 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Gentle Facial Cleanser Recipe

1/2 cup of oatmeal or cornmeal plain yogurt (add enough yogurt to form a paste)

For a gentle facial cleanser, mix ingredien6ts, smooth over entire face avoiding eye area. Wash off with warm water.

Organic Cosmetics for your Hair

Tropical Conditioner

1 avocado (peeled and mashed)
coconut milk

Combine mashed avocado with some coconut milk. Mash together until it's smooth and about as thick as shampoo. Comb it through the hair and let it sit for 10 minutes, wash out.

Deep Conditioner (avocados contains vitamin b6 and vit E)

1 small jar of real mayonnaise
1/2 of an avocado

Put together in a meduim bowl and squish together with your hands until it's a minty green color. Smooth into hair all the way to the tips. Put on a shower capo or wrap your head with saran wrap.
Leave on for 20 minutes. For deeper conditioning put a hot damp of towel around your head over the saran wrap. And if you have a really long hair and only need deep conditioning at the ends, cut the ingredients in half and apply only to the ends and just wrap them.

Egg Conditioner

1 teaspoon baby oil
1 egg yolk
1 cup water

Beat the egg yolk until it's frothy, add the oil then beat again. Add water. Massage into the scalp and throughout your hair. Rinse well.


Sherer said...

Wow, very interesting. I don't think I would be able to do any of these, as I would get too hungry! Cheers good post i'll be back.


yolanda said...

great tips! remember to wash your hair with cold water after the egg - other wise it gets scrambled!

nice blog.



bgmt said...

hi nice blog,

bgmt said...

hi, nice blog

blanne said...

they say mayonnaise smells bad if you apply it to your hair. but i guess it's all worth it, right?

happy holidays!

Organic Cosmetics said...

These are some really wonderful guidelines fro skin care in the organic way. I would surely try some of them out at home. :-)

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