Friday, October 17, 2008

I suffer from Allergic Rhinitis

I'm a person who always catch a cold even after a wake up in the morning a started to sneeze, So I decided to visit my doctor and have a check up. The doctor said that I have a allergic rhinitis, it affects my nose when i catch allergens. my nose reacts when i smell pollen, dust, fur, mold and animals fur all are examples of allergen.

There are times that allergic rhinitis are seasonal, It also called hay fever. In this case runny nose happens. Sometimes you'll experience teary eyes, headache, congested nose, hot body temperature and itchiness of nose and eyes. Often our eyes are always affected if we suffer from allergic rhinitis, even though eyes are affected by allergic rhinitis our throat is not affected.

Decongestant and antihistamines are effective drugs for allergic rhinitis. And avoid dust, animal hairs, flowers who might cause allergy. If your allergic rhinitis is getting worst, immediately consult your doctor or a immunologist, allergist because people who suffer from this kind of disorder must undergo immune-therapy or desensitization. In this process a patient will be injected with allergen that the patient is allergic until the patient is immune with it.

Allergic rhinitis can be avoided by keeping a clean environment and a healthy lifestyle.

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