Thursday, September 4, 2008

Varicose veins simple tips to prevent it

A woman wearing fence net stockingsImage via Wikipedia Have you ever noticed this enlarge veins in our legs? its annoying right? those are varicose veins but it not only appear on our legs it can also appear in other parts of our body, but mostly we use this term "varicose veins" refer veins in our legs.There are many factors that can cause us varicose veins some of it are advanced age, prolonged standing, constrictive clothing, lack of exercise and obesity. Women are more prone to varicose veins than men, because of physical and hormonal changes in pregnancy and menopause. So here are simple tips to prevent varicose veins on our legs:
  • Avoid prolonged standing if you cant avoid make some time to rest your leg by elevating the legs above hip level while you are resting.
  • Have a regular massage but alert your therapist about your condition. It can improve circulation, decrease swelling, and alleviate the feeling of congestion. Do not directly massage the dilated veins.
  • Maintain your overall fitness through a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Try to tone your legs by building some muscles but not too much, do walking, tai-chi, swimming and yoga.
  • If your working in a office, put a foot rest under your desk. This might help relieve symptoms. Avoid crossing your legs at the knees since this impairs circulation. Wear a loose clothes, no tights pants and high heels.
  • Wear compression stockings. Its available in medical supply stores, support stocking balance the pressure in the veins and reduce pain and swelling. put them as early in the morning and wear them all day.


aybi said...

This is something all women should pay attention!

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

after 3 babies, mine is innumerable. since i carried big babies (7.5 - 8.5 lbs) and i am naturally thin ( my weight is 110-115) mine is innumerable. sacrifices that mommies bear!


Great tips! I stand more than I should so I will keep this in mind. thanks!!!

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