Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eat Banana = Baby boy

Want to have a baby boy?

Eats lots of bananas, advises Dr. Jean Choukron, a French associate professor of obstetrics. According to some studies, couples have an 85 percent chance of choosing the sex of their offspring by following a specific diet. To conceive a baby boy, a diet high in potassium and sodium, example of it are bananas, potatoes, apricots, peaches, and meat is the key. To conceive a girl, would be parents should go for high calcium, high magnesium, and low salt intake for example milk, yogurt, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

On the other hand scientists in Texas, discovered that men who are sexually active are more likely to have boys, while those whose sex life are sporadic or who have abstained from sex before conception are more likely to have girls. They believe this is because production of the X bearing(female) sperm is marginally increased by abstinence.



That must be why I have only girls. No bananas but lots of oranges.

ish said...

you can still try for a boy honey!!! :)

aybi said...

i should tell this to my brother. nice post!

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