Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 simple ways to get your kids to eat healthy foods

Nowadays Kids always want junk foods, greasy burgers, MSG-laden potato chips, artificially sweetened beverages, and other flavorful but lack of nutrition goodies. How can we encourage kids to choose healthy and eat healthy? Maybe this simple tips on how to get your kids to eat healthy can help.

  1. Cook food the same way as your child's favorite food is cooked. If your child doesn't like to eat vegetables but loves grilled food, try making grilled vegie patties. Simply mash carrots or peas and prepare like you would a meat patty.
  2. Change the way food is presented by using simple arts and crafts materials scuh as ribbons, gift wrappers, colored plastic sheets, and others. Tie a ribbon around fried chicken legs, served mashed potatoes in paper cones designed with stickers, or wrapped food in gift wrapper with your child's favorite cartoon character printed on it.
  3. Mix fruits and vegetables to cupcakes, cookies, and cake batter so thay also get their nutritional fix.
Hope this tips help enjoy!


Kathleen Milazzo said...

I think your tips are great, but I have grown children and can tell you from experience that if mom and dad don't eat fast junk food, the kids won't want them so badly, I mean when they're that young they don't get to Burger King by themselves.
Another thing is don't ever force kids to eat veggies and stuff. Put some on their plate, let them see you enjoy it, and if they're hungry they'll eat. If not try again next meal.

ish said...

good for u and your family, the best thing is they know what to eat and not to eat god bless for u and your family


I love these tips and am going to give them a shot with my two girls. I don't ever force them to do anything but just let them know what is best. Great post.

creddylad said...

Thanks for the tip about veggie patties. Anything to increase what my 3 yo eats is a good thing.

Anah said...

Great post!

Also if Mommy and Dad eats healthy foods- our kids will likely do the same thing. :)

Have a wonderful weekend,


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