Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 signs of lung cancer because of smoking

* Beschreibung: Konventionelles Röntgenbild de...Image via Wikipedia One of the premier cancer today is the lung cancer. cancer is the number one disease for men and number three for women, cancer is commonly seen in men who's age is ranging from 35 and up. People with cancer in the lungs are commonly living in urban areas and communities.

Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, Everybody cant get enough of smoking even though smoking is no good to our health, even government and private institutions cant stop us from smoking.Even people who don't smoke are affected because of second hand smoke that is more lethal to our health.

This are the 6 signs of lung caner cause by smoking:

1 Persistent cough, even drugs for cough cant cure it

2. Coughing out blood

3. Chest pain that does not go away

4. Changes in there voice and hoarseness of voice

5. Arm and shoulder pain

6. Swelling of the face and neck

7. Difficulty breathing

8. Wheezing

9. Unusual tiredness

10.Lost of appetite

11.Unexplained weight loss

12.Pulmonary attack and bronchitis

Right now, there's no proven methods in knowing if a person has a lung cancer until its complicated, there are some test and observations needed before a patient can be declared a lung cancer patient. right now there is no proven cure for lung cancer, chemotherapy is only a method for caring and help the patient in use anytime that there is a suspicion that there are active cancer cells. what it does is kills all the cells good and bad cells. killing cancer cells to help keep it from growing out of control and kills the cancer cells.



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