Friday, July 1, 2011

70% OFF on Underarm Whitening treatment

70% OFF! Pay only P 300 instead of P 1000 on a signature MANDELIC and MALIC ACID PEEL for an Underarm Whitening treatment at Skintrends!

Skintrends offers Underarm Whitening Treatment for only P300! Skintrends will use Mandelic and Malic Acid Peel which is recommended for people with sensitive skins and darker skins. It can also help people with sensitive skin and blemishes. Price is already inclusive of service charge and VAT. Do not forget to call the clinic for appointment and confirmation. Buy as many vouchers as you like. It’s a perfect present for all your hard work! You can also give vouchers as gifts to your family, friends and loved ones.

Dark underarms have always been a major boo-boo especially with us, Pinays. Let’s admit it; Filipinos are obsessed with white, flawless skin. And it’s always a major problem to have dark underarms. More often than not, you always find yourself conscious because you do not want people to find out about your dark secret.

Find out what you can do to turn those killer kili-kilis to undeniable pretty pits! For only P300 enjoy Underarm Whitening at Skintrends. Don’t resolve to just buying over-the-counter whitening products which soon just sit dusting on your bathroom sink. Stop your endless woes because you can’t wear those tank tops. With Skintrends' Underarm Whitening, you’ll be guaranteed fast and very effective results without the stress and the price. The treatment will use the Mandelic and Malic Acid Peel method to remove the accumulated dead skin cells that causes your skin to darken.

Getting pretty doesn’t need to stress you out. Click BUY and hail those cabs with so much confidence. We assure you, after buying enough vouchers; your dark secret will absolutely be gone!

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