Monday, June 6, 2011

Water and Health

There are so many juices, health drinks, smoothies out there already. But of course Water is still the best for everyone. 50% to 60% of our body is depending on our gender and our age is made out of water. We really can't survive without water, we all know that. Just imagine yourself stuck on an island or dessert without water, You may last for few days but after that.... From a Chinese Herbal Doctor point of view, water is what allows a communication between the different parts of the body, between the different organs.

It smooths things out, it lubricates everything in the body. It allows a better flow, through the blood, through the body fluids and other aspects that are really made out of water. The reason why water is so important to our health. Especially in these days, is probably majority of people are chronically dehydrated. Chronically do not drink enough water on a regular basis, and why is it that is so importance? We all lived in a fast-phased world. We are on a run as part of the society which is very much goal-oriented. And what happen with this kind of lifestyle?

We get a dramatic surge in heart disease, Arterial sclerosis, in diabetes, In Cancer. Inflammationa nd over heating is even part of it. And something simple thing that we can do is to drink enough water. maybe from 8 cups to 16 cups of water. It depends on our age, on our activity, and on the weather, well of course we need much more water when it is very hot outside. When is the best time to drink water? The nest time to drink water on its own and not while were eating, The reason is that when we drink water while we're eating. We are diluting the juices of the stomach, the digestive enzymes. And we are making our stomach less acidic. Which can interfer with the digestion of the food, especially the digestion of protein.

So even if you are drinking one or two glasses of water 5 to 10 minutes before your meal, a lot of it will get absorb quickly enough, best to drink it 15 to 30 minutes before. but if you are sitting on a meal and you feel thirsty, drink your water and wait for a few minutes. In many cases if you have a headache ,before you take a pain killer just take a few glasses of water. You may find that if you drink 4 to 6 glasses of water, in more than 50% of cases the headache will simply go away.

And when we are not dehydrated our headache goes away, our body feel less tight,we lubricate our body, We nourished simply by drinking enough water.


Dorothy L said...

Water is free and healthy....why people do not take advantage of it has always been a mystery to me. You couldn't do your body more good than to drink water whenever you can.
Thanks for the informative post~

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