Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Up to 70% Off on Vaccination

Only P500 on Flu Vaccination (valued at 1,200), P1000 on Pneumococcal Vaccination (valued at P2000), P2000 on Cervical Cancer Vaccination (valued at 2,500), P750 on Meningococcal Vaccination (valued at 2,500) plus a FREE Limited Edition STOP MENINGO watch

Salamat.ph in cooperation with Vaxcen Inc. assists you in prioritizing your health. By offering vaccinations at marked down prices, it will now be relatively easier for you to protect yourselves from diseases that can hurt not just your body but your finances too.

You can avail of the discounted vaccination of your choice and insure your health for the better. The vaccines to be administered by the trained doctors of Vaxcen Inc. includes flu vaccination, pneumococcal vaccination, cervical cancer vaccination, and meningococcal vaccination.

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Health Investment

It is very important to take good care of your health. Not only are you doing yourself a favor but you are also protecting the people around you from harm.

Minimizing your exposure from people who are sick, regular intake of vitamins, eating a balanced diet, and religiously taking your prescribed medicines are very good steps in lowering your risk of contacting illnesses. However, there are times when viruses and bacteria get the better of your well laid out plans of prevention. So it is even wiser if you get for yourself a vaccination to further your shield aginst falling prey to diseases that threaten your life and your family.

Flu, pneumonia, cervical cancer, and meningococcemia are just some of the diseases that caused the hospitalization of men, women, and children from around the globe. Furthermore, loss of lives from deaths due to these illnesses themselves and their complications have also been recorded. Individuals and communities alike suffer from the consequences of these health risks.
Prevention by vaccination

Fortunately, prevention by vaccination is available for the diseases mentioned above. While the vaccines do not promise complete eradication of the illnesses, getting them is still better than acquiring the diseases themselves.

Your health needs require urgent attention. Make vaccines part of your healthcare routine. This way, you lessen the chances of an illness to weaken your body, disable it physically, and cut your life short. Prevent viruses from developing into a full blown illness while you still can.

Offering quality vaccination administered safely by trained doctors, Vaxcen continuously seek ways to provide its clients with services that will benefit their health and overall welfare.
Cut down the risk of these killer diseases

Below is an overview of the vaccines you can get at Vaxcen at slashed off prices:

Flu vaccination

A yearly flu vaccine is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to them, this is the initial and at the same time, most important step one can take in the efforts of fighting the dreaded flu viruses. From infants six month old until people 65 years of age or older can get themselves vaccinated. Individuals considered to be at a high risk of contacting the disease which includes those with chronic medical conditions, young children, and pregnant women among others can protect themselves from the risk through the vaccine. Combat those cases of body aches, sore throat, dry cough and headache – the uncomfortable symptoms of flu. Avail of the flu vaccination for only P500. Shield yourself from the threat and do those around you a favor by decreasing their chances of suffering from flu.

Pneumococcal vaccination

Just like flu, pneumonia is one of the major reasons why people are admitted to the hospitals. Added to that, it has endangered the lives of many people unfortunate enough to carry the disease. For only P1000, you can cut your the risk of being sick with not only pneumonia but septicemia and meningistis as well and continue to live a healthy life. This vaccine is recommended to both young and elder people. The diabetics, alcoholics, heavy smokers, those with weak immune system, chronic respiratory, heart, renal, and liver diseases are also advised to get the vaccination.

Cervical cancer vaccination

The human papillomavirus (HPV) have killed women around the world. On a global scale, cervical cancer is in fact the second most common cause of cancer death among females. the. Count yourself out of the list of its next victim. Avail of the cervical cancer vaccination for only P2000 and let not cervical cancer be your cause of untimely death. The vaccine is given in 3 doses and the best protection is achieved after all three have been successfully administered. HPV vaccine is given to as young as 10 year old female kids as a protection against the HPV virus types 16 and 18.

Meningococcal vaccination

Meningococcaldisease poses serious health threats. It can kill a person faster than any other infectious disease. While antibiotics have been administered to treat this illness, there are still people who succumb to death failing to battle this disease's damaging power. Children aged 2 and older are advised to get 1 dose of the vaccine. Revaccination, on the other hand is recommended for individuals who remain at a high risk after 3 years. Get your meningococcal vaccination now for only P750 and you'll also get a free limited edition Meningo watch at the Vaxcen clinics.

The old adage doesn't ring anymore truer than it does now, prevention is certainly better than cure.
Feeling too uncomfortable in clinic vaccinations?

Then the VAXCEN HomeRun is for you! Vaxcen HomeRun is vaccination convenience that is; administered in the comfort of your home, time and energy saving by eliminating clinic trips and practically affordable and more efficient than clinic rates. A minimal service fee of P150 is charged per visit.

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