Thursday, October 21, 2010

Korean Ginseng Health Benefits

A couple of days ago my friend went to Korea for a leisure trip, So I asked him to bring home the ever famous korean ginsengs " Korean ginseng" I asked him to at least buy some tea if he can't bring the ginseng itself, because he hates to bring a lot. So when he went back, he bought some stuffs and even chocolate with ginseng. he bought the tea that i asked and even went home with a very interesting story about this Korean ginseng. He only bought the Korean tea not the root crop.
He told me that there was this kind of dish that he liked, not the kimchi. Although he liked it so much because it very spicy hot. I don't like the smell though. I forgot the name. but he told me it was liked a stuffed chicken with vegetables inside, one of the vegetable that was stuffed inside was the Korean ginseng. He said that he liked the taste and the texture of the food and knowing that it was healthy. he just can't stop eating. He even described it as " the chicken was very very tasty and it was like eating chicken with potatoes or maybe sweet potatoes inside, Which he referred to the ginseng. He told me that his Korean friend tells a story about how ancient people believed this ginseng.
Very long time ago, people often believed that the shape of the Korean ginseng has two human like shaped, if the ginseng shaped like a female body structure then they said that this ginseng should be taken by females only. if the ginseng's shape is like of that a man's structure then it should be taken by a man. They used to believe that it gives different benefits to a male and female. Like if the man-shaped ginseng was eaten/taken by a man, he would not only be healthy but also has the sort of like Viagra benefits, so they say it shouldn't be taken by a woman.
but that story was so long time ago, now, they believe that if the shape of the ginseng was human-like it just simply means that it is a mature one, if the ginseng still doesn't have the shape of a human body, it just simply means that the ginseng was still immature. now, what was the common benefits that you could get with korean ginseng.
here are just some of the many benefits that korean ginseng can give you:

helps battle depression
restores memory and # depression
restores memory and enhances it as well
enhances concentration and cognitive abilities
improves our concentration
increases mental and physical efficiency
increases physical and mental activity ]
may slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease-mental disorders
mildly stimulates the nervous system
promotes mental and physical vigor
stimulates and improves the work of the brain cells
reduces the effects of stress
regulates the nervous system and exhibits normalizing effects on the body
stimulates the central nervous system

Now again these are just some, and i mean some of the health benefits ans there's a lot more, now always remember that we also need to consult our doctor when taking anything we have to be caution for any other food or supplement that we are not used to taking, a very good herbal medicine might be helpful to a lot of people but maybe not for you or for some people. Still we should always consult our doctor first.


Alex Brandon@essay said...

It is great that there are so many natural remedies that can provide such great health benefits. I think mixing remedies like this into your diet is a great idea.

Scott@Storage Company said...

There is no conclusive research finding that these supplements (ginsing, etc) do what they’re supposed to do in our body. Take these information with caution. But I think a lot of people think the mind has some influence on how we feel; say if you think the remedy (supplement) helps you, then you feel the benefits. There is the power of negative and positive minds even with traditional medicine!

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