Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Asthma and Children

There are so many possibilities of asthma attacks. An asthmatic person is sensitive in many things around him. Especially if he came from a family with history of asthma. Here are some possible causes:

* Infection of upper urinary tract like allergic rhinitis.
* Dust, molds, pollen and other inhalants.
* smoke from cigarettes and vehicles.
* Cold weather or sudden change of weather.
* cat's fur
* Medicines like aspirin, beta blockers or indomethacin.
* Chemical or paint odors.
* Irritants in air passages such as: perfume, hairspray, powder and other pollutants.
* Sometimes too much exercise or workout or any tiring activities.
* foods that may cause asthma attacks such as: egg, nuts, chocolate, seafoods, milk, flour, shellfish.

The said foods that may cause asthma varies in different types of people. It is possible that a person is allergic to egg while others are allergic to seafoods. If a patient knows that he's allergic to certain foods. He should avoid it as much as possible.

Often times asthma begins at a very early age. And over half of young asthma patients become asymptomatic as they age. Or the symptoms suddenly vanish until it is totally gone.. For your information. There is no medicine that can actually cure asthma. It is actually the symptoms that are cured.

Based on studies,Teens who started to have asthma (15 years and above) for the first time, has possibilities that they will bring it as they age. There are different categories of asthma:

1. Frequent Episodic Attack- In this category, a wheezing sound can be heard every 4 to 6 weeks and there are no visible symptoms in children.
2. Chronic Asthmatic Group- These are children who has mild wheezing sound. They easily wheeze when they are tired, coughing at night only. and has limited activities.
3. Severe Chronic Asthmatic group- They are children who has daily attacks. They are usually small,underweight and barrel chested. You will hear a different squeaking sound and severe passage obstruction. That's why they are usually given steroids. that should be taken everyday and with constant monitoring.

There is what we call as Status Asthmatic's wherein it is the most severe asthma attack. that can't be treated with common medicine. This patient is having a hard time breathing. Seems like dying. This may cause death if not prevented.


Denim said...

I feel medicines are only part of the treatment for asthma. Asthma also needs to be managed by dealing with the things that make it worse. Identifying and avoiding the things that trigger your child's asthma are an essential part of their overall treatment plan.

Jennifer Kyte@fencing Melbourne said...

Keeping a diary to record anything that triggers your child's asthma can help you to discover a pattern. Frequent occurrence of the following may help identify the trigger.

* Low readings on your child's peak flow meter.
* Disturbed sleep because of coughing or wheezing.
* Missed school or social activities.

Tonal said...

Asthma is great problem in children.. i hate asthma...
Thank you for the post..Medical Transcription

bujju said...

thank u so much for the information.

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