Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not another Lose weight Tips, but it helps anyway

Summer is here in the Philippines and many people wants to lose weight fast for the summer and show off there bodies. But some of us don't know how to start. Ever felt that you want to lose weight, but don't know where to begin? Drop 5 lbs immediately with this steps. here's a a good start.
Begin with your daily habits. whats next? change it! here are 5 tips and tricks to try. and who knows, after a week or two you'll find yourself lighter.

1. Isn't popcorn always healthy? the answer is nope!. Even with the same brand, there can be a big calorie difference in microwave popcorn's:

2 cups of favorite theater style extra butter = 5 cups favorite lite butter style popcorn

2. Chew on this s-l-o-w-l-y. If you always rush through meals. watch out. A study from University of Rhode Island showed that women who raced through a pasta lunch in nine minutes ate 646 calories. Those who took their time( about half an hour) consumed almost 70 fewer calories. And not only did they eat less- they felt fuller.

3. 24 calorie treat. If you're craving sugar, don't grab a candy. Avoid storing chocolates or ice cream in your fridge. try an almond stacked on top of a dried apricot- I taste like a cookie. but less the calories.

4. Drink water, lose weight. you've heard it again and again - h20 at zero calories, is the best diet drink in the planet. But if you're hooked on high-calorie beverages, you may want to check out this numbers: Researchers who tracked 240 over weight women found out that those who replaced sweetened drinks with water lost five more pounds on average, than those who didn't. Why these sips add up: A can of coke is 146 calories; A cup of grape juice 154 calories


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