Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to choose a Healthy Salad

There are many salads nowadays but how would you actually make the most of it. Here are pointers from the experts, It will change the way you make your salads.

1. For the citrus fruits, make sure they are firm and fragrant upon smelling.

2. For the meat, as long as it's vacuum packed. Or if buying pre-packed meat, it should be pink and to red in color.

3. For the prawns, go for those that are gray and firm.

4. For the salad greens, go for leaves and herbs that are fresh and crisp.

With salads it's nice to try out the different textures like crunchy and soft, This can also be something chewy, Having different textures, as well as different flavors gives dish some variety, Making it more enjoyable. Because usually if it is vinaigrette or a vinegar or a citrus-based dressing, you would want to balance the acidity to something sweet. So a balance of sweet and sour is nice, and if you can put a little bit of a bitter taste, a little bit of salty taste, even better.

Salads are a versatile type of dish, and aren't just measured by dressing and lettuce. Experimenting is a good way to spice things up. There are different ways to of doing the dressing, and not just the usual oil or vinegar, fruits or vegetable purees are options. For starters try mango or raspberry puree.


Anonymous said...

I love salad so much...

Anonymous said...

I love salad so much...

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I eat alot of salads and do experiment though I've heard that the dressings can be very fattening and I'm wondering what types of dressings would be healthier than others.

akhatam said...

I just Can Say... Nice Post Friend... Keep Blogging.. God Bless U

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