Friday, March 12, 2010

Congenital Deafness

I visited an old friend last Tuesday, I had a great time talking and catching up but that wasn't the one that i really can't forget, it was my friend's niece. She was just around 2 years old. I called her but she didn't react or respond.

Then i found out that she was deaf. My friend told me that it was Congenital deafness. And she is planning to send her to speech classes the moment the kid started schooling. I was really concern because this is the first time i saw somebody that is deaf at a very young age.

So the moment i arrived i started my research about different type of deafness, and here's what i found.

Congenital deafness is one type of deafness that started from the moment you were born. It's like you already show hearing defects since you were young. People don't usually react to different sounds that surround them.

You will know if a child has these kind of hearing defects if he's old enough to talk but still doesn't talk. They should be wearing hearing aids and should undergo some speech training. Congenital deafness usually started from mothers who has German Measles.

Conductive deafness is a hearing loss that is cause by a defect of the external canal and the middle ear.


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