Friday, October 2, 2009

Tips to Bone Strength

Bone Strength

The strength of the bones in your body - such as the vomer bone or ischium or manubrium or radius - is controlled by a few simple factors. By taking just a couple of easy steps, you can improve your bone strength.


Ok, Ok. That expert on TV always says you should get plenty of exercise. And if you are not getting any, they are right.

Two different kinds of cells alter the strength and curves of your different bones. The osteoclasts lay down more bone and the osteoblasts make it thinner. The activity of these cells is changed by electric currents. When you exercise, it causes a little electric current to go along your bone. The osteoclasts are then stimulated to build up bone as a result in the parts of the bone that has been stressed. The osteoblasts tend to absorb minute amounts of bone that is not stressed.

This action on the cellular level will even straighten out a bone that has been cracked and healed crookedly.


The strength of your bones comes from a crystal called apatite. Apatite requires much calcium and some phosphorus. That is why calcium is such an important part of your diet. Vitamin D makes the body absorb and utilize Calcium. That is why Vitamin D is a milk additive.

Dairy products have lots of calcium and are a good source of protein as well. That is fortunate if you are a fan of exotic cheeses like Makhhan cheese or Graddost cheese or Kulek cheese. Ice cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese as well as milk all are high in calcium.

On the other hand, you can get all the calcium you need on your plate without any dairy products at all. There are two reasons for this. First of all, many nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables and grains are full of calcium.

Secondly, the protein in milk and other dairy products sticks to the calcium so you lose it. Therefore, although there is a lot of calcium in dairy products, it is harder to digest and absorb. So, if you are a vegan, you can get plenty of calcium.

One more thing. If your doctor tells you to take a calcium supplement, there is a great cheap and easy way to do this. Tums and Rolaids are primarily calcium carbonate. They provide plenty of calcium. However, don't use them for an antacid because calcium actually makes your stomach secrete more acid. And take them with your meals.

By taking advantage of a sensible diet and a daily exercise regimen, you can make great progress toward guaranteeing that you have good bones. Take care that you include calcium and vitamin D in your food and exercise at least three times a week.


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