Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Simple Substitutes for Salt and Sugar

Yes there are some food that we can substitute with Salt and sugar. We don't need to give away the taste of our favorite food sacrifice the flavor just to be healthy. There are some alternatives to choose from to have a great flavor to our food.

First why do we need to minimize or eliminate the Sugar we take? here's the thing, excess energy intake, including excess sugar can cause weight gain or worst obesity, especially combined it to poor physical activity. And of course there is no way we could be healthy if we suffers from obesity. Foods with plenty of refined sugars are very energy dense and often have less of other nutrients. Eating foods high in sugar can displace more nutritious foods from your diet. So minimize your sugar intake watch on sugary foods like cakes, ice cream, chocolates, soft drinks, etc... aiming for more than a moderate in your diet. Here is one best example of substitutes for sugar, Honey is a healthier sweetener, as artificial sweeteners available in the market.

And why do we need to minimize or eliminate the Salt we take? Too much salt can raised blood pressure in some people. Be wary of overly salty foods, such as commercial sauces, soy sauce, fish sauce, and fish paste. Stay away from snack foods, cured meats and takeaways or if you have no choice at least limit these to at least once a week or less. Packaged foods often need no added salt on cooking or as condiments on the table. Just check the label for salt content. Substitutes for Salt, use herbs and spices in cooking and be very sparing with salt and salty sauces on your plate. Go for dill, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, or basil leaves to get a fuller flavor or a little zing.


Rossel said...

thanks for this. I love to cook and my husband loves to eat. the problem is his high blood pressure. he has his maintenance meds but still can't eat salty foods.

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