Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Create a Simple and cheap Home Gym for Women

Can't get to a gym regularly? or can't afford the overwhelming membership fee? That doesn't mean you have to become a couch potato. With the right equipment no fancy gadgets needed either, you can get intense, full body workout in your living room. According to some fitness experts all you need are these five items, and they are come cheap, you can keep them in your closet and available in almost all fitness stores and online stores. Here are the list:

  • Jump rope (100 to 300 pesos) 2 to 6 $
  • A step bench ( about 400 pesos) 8 $ - any six-inch-tall, sturdy platform will do, you don't need to get a multilevel aerobics platform.
  • A set of ankle weights ( 150 pesos) 2 $
  • An exercise ball (600 pesos) 12 $
  • Dumbbells (75 to 300 pesos) 1 to 6$ - ideally, look for a set of three pairs 2, 5 and 10 lb.
With this five simple fitness pieces, you can work the entire body by doing all kinds of exercises such as:
  • weight work
  • stretches
  • power crunches
  • cardio
Combining the the five items and creating a training circuit or you can create your own routine. Where you do a variety of exercises, one right after the other, burns calories and make you stronger. For some ideas on specific exercises to include to your routine. rent or buy some work out books or search on the internet for some basic exercise where you can use those items. The equipment seems no-brainer, but if you don't use it correctly, you risk getting hurt.
Some tips:
  • When you jump rope, keep a slight bend in your knees, and land in the balls of your feet not flat.
  • While doing step work, keep your knees aligned over your ankles.
  • Also lead with your heel and land with the whole foot on the center of the step.
  • When using weights, keep your elbows soft and slightly bent.


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