Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Fats can cause Cancer

Besides being linked to atherosclerosis, fats are also under heavy suspicion as a contributing cause of cancer. Cancer of the breast appears to be related to excessive use of highly refined corn and vegetables oils. Laboratory studies in animals have shown that the more fat consumed, the more cancer observed. When research animals were fed both high-fat and high protein at the same time, they showed a higher incidence of cancers than when fed only high-fat or high protein alone. Studies from research laboratories have led to the following conclusions:
  • Transplanted tumors in animals are promoted when excess fat is given.
  • Virus-caused cancer is promoted by excess fat.
  • Cancer, secondary to X-ray radiation, is promoted by excess fat.
  • Chemically-caused cancer is promoted by excess fat.
The ideal diet is to eat fat as it occurs naturally in whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and seeds (nuts and seeds must be in moderation). Remember, vegetable fats contain no cholesterol and no viruses. However, one should not eat excessive amounts of refined vegetable oils, nuts, or seeds.
The right fats in the right amounts are absolutely essential for every cell of our body.


jess said...

fats are very bad to our health

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