Friday, June 12, 2009

I stumble a Funny Anti Smoking Ad

Do you want your man to stop his cigarette smoking ways, I was video surfing when I stumbled this funny anti-smoking ad, maybe some of you have seen it, I can't stop laughing after seeing this cool video, Its a little bit naughty but strong delivery of bad things you can get about smoking

Show this to your man who is a cigarette fanatic, maybe it can help him change his mind hahahaha! Enjoy!


rossel said...

hahaha!i enjoyed it. i'll show this to my dad who can't quit smoking.

smith said...

Considering the long term benefits of smoking cessation such as low risk of succumbing to cancer, a significant reduction in mental stress, odorless breath et al, it is definitely necessary for you to start your quit smoking regimen as soon as possible. However, during the first few weeks, it may appear extremely difficult to get rid of this addiction, but as you consistently try to quit smoking for a certain period of time, your smoking cessation efforts would yield results.

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