Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boracay Tanning tips

This coming weekend me and my friends will visit the most popular Island (beach) in the Philippines and that's Boracay. And we are ready to have some tan and have some fun. here are some tips on how to have a safe bronze tan that every body wants, not just by soaking up in the sun and get all the sun you want, Its not like that.

Safe Tanning

Everyone loves the look of well tanned and healthy looking skin. But, in order to change your pasty white skin to warm, bronzed and beautiful you need to get a tan! We have all heard of the stigma that surrounds suntans and tanning beds, but the purpose of this article is to help you achieve a beautiful tan safely, not just by soaking up the sun at Boracay beach or other beach resort.

Dangers of Tanning:

You must have read that just by lying out in the sun at Boracay you are soaking up dangerous UV rays that can promote skin cancer. The more that you are exposed to intense sunshine, the greater the chances of complications. If you don't want to resemble an 89 year old person when you're 49, read on for all you need to getting a safe tan!

Best Ways to Tan in the Sun

When you are tanning in the sun, there are several tips that will insure that you tan securely. When just starting out, give yourself a given amount of time tanning and no more. As previously stated, the longer you are exposed to ultraviolet rays, the greater the risk. You shouldn't stay in the sun long enough to get a burn; just long enough to soak up some of those golden rays! Light skinned folks usually must have a shorter time in the sun's rays before they begin to burn, so remember to set a timer, To people with very white skin, do not apply things like butter or baby oil to speed up your tanning. These can speed up serious sun burns with blisters and even bleeding!

Best Suntan Products

When you are looking for suntan products, only apply products that are designed for tanning. Look for products that block the ultraviolet rays (spf) while allowing you to tan. Another thing to do is use a special hydrating lotion before and after your tanning session so your skin won't dry out from the sun. If you're getting rays at the beach, take along some sunscreen so that when your allotted tanning time is up, you can lather it on.

Sunless Tanning

If you would like a great tan without the problems, simply choose a sunless tanning product. A great thing to try is the spray on kind because there is less and lower the risk of uneven tanning in some places like knees, ankles and elbows. Start slowly as well. Rub in an amount just large enough to cover the skin. If you don't tan to the level you desire, you can always add more later, but it's a huge nuisance to remove it if you turn orange or very dark!

Tanning is great and it is great to look at, but if you do not apply these safe tanning tricks, you will end up looking more like a wrinkled old hag or a lobster! Good luck with working on your suntan and always do it safely. Boracay here we come!!!


e-swastya said...

Interesting post ....
I am complete against tanning by any chemicals which is very common were i stay . I do not understand how this girls do not understand the side effects of such tanning products .

Anonymous said...

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It's great for beginners, and it's free!

ROSSEL said...

nice post. i think ladies w/ caramel skin should stop trying to whiten their skin and enhance it instead but of course using the right techniques and tanning products.

Spray Tanning Solution said...

Nice post. The best tan is always a safe tan.

Mike Foster said...

Great tips. We walk a precarious line when exposing our flesh to the wonders, and dangers, of the sun.


cebu pictures said...

Is that your picture?
That mean you are very healthy

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