Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weight loss: Warm up tips

Warm up before hitting the gym or exercise is important. It is necessary to warm up before training to prepare the body for the stress ahead of it. By warming up you increase the blood circulation.
The main thing is that the warm up prepares the body for what is to come. Just as an example a cold muscle can´t lift as much as a properly warmed up muscle. Here are some list of warm up activities that may help you throughout your fitness regimen.

1. If your in a gym or own a treadmill or a stationary bike, warm up for 10-20 minutes before engaging in more intensive workouts.

2. Prepare muscles using a 5 to 10 minute stretching routine.
  • Head - Extend your left arm to the side at shoulder height, and then press your head towards the opposite direction using your right hand for 20 seconds. Do the same on the other side.
  • Shoulder - Raise your right arm then bend your elbow behind your head. Using your left hand, grasp the right elbow and press down for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
  • Chest -Extend your right arm across your chest with your right hand towards your left side. From elbow, use the left hand to pres your right elbow towards your chest. Hold for 10 seconds Do the same on the left arm.
  • Biceps - Extend your right arm. forward, palm up. Bend the palm downward using the the left hand and hold for 10 seconds. Duplicate the action with the left arm.
  • Legs - Bend your right leg behind the left leg and hold the right foot with your left hand for 10 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.
Make sure you always do this routine before hitting the gym, exercise, or do some sport.


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