Wednesday, August 6, 2008

10 things you have to know about tea

Tea is the second most widely consumed beverages in the world, second only to water.
A Cup of Hot Tea = A Cup of Good Health
want to know why? here are the ten things we didn't know about tea:

1. Tea keeps us hydrated -We all know the drill: an adult should consume about eight to ten glass of liquid a day. Squeeze in two to three cups of tea daily to help satisfy your body daily water requirement.

2. Tea keep us on shape - If you're dying to shed off unwanted pounds, tea might just do the trick. It helps burn fat and calories and increases your body's metabolism.

3. Tea keeps us alert - Tea has been shown to increase alertness and improve our concentration. When the heart and the respiratory systems are stimulated by caffeine, it brings more oxygen to the brain.

4. Tea keeps our teeth strong - Perfect smiles are not merely the work of toothpaste. Tea contains fluoride which benefits your teeth by keeling bacteria and controlling bad breath and plaque formation.

5. Tea keeps our bones healthy - Keep your bones healthy, a substance in tea called flavonoids help build strong bones and increase bone mineral densities.

6. Tea keeps our heart healthy - Lower the risk of heart disease by drinking tea. It improves the function of endothelia, the inner lining of all blood cells such as the arteries and veins.

7. Tea ups our immunity - Whenever we feel a cold coming on , do ourselves a favor and reach out a cup of tea. An amino acid in tea called theanine activates cells involved in the body's first line of defense, reducing the risk of infection.

8. Tea is an anti-inflammatory - This is good for injury and arthritis patients. Catechins in may be prophylactic for arthritis and bone injuries by reducing swelling and slowing cartillage break down.

9. Tea fights free radicals - Tea's high level of anti-oxidants called polyphenois, flavonoids, and catechins wage war on so called "free radicals" in the body and prevent them from harming your healthy cells.

10. Tea helps fight cancer - One of the best cancer fighters you can put in your body is tea. Its antioxidant properties keep cells healthy and inhibit an enzyme which cancer cells need in order to grow.


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