Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simple solution for breast skin disorders

Are you annoyed by visible veins, pimples and stretchmarks that is popping on your boobs? many women are because its really not nice to see this skin disorders on your breast, specially if your wearing a very sexy outfit. so here are some simple tips to fix those problems.

Visible veins - The paler your skin tone is, the more likely you are to notice. the bluish veins crisscrossing beneath the skin of your upper chest and even on your breasts. Although you can get rid of them, applying a self tanner will disguise them.

Pimples - You should treat a breast breakout the same way you would deal with zits on your face, Apply a benzoyl-peroxide cream, then if necessary, dab on concealer. To help prevent new pimples from popping up, wash your breast area daily with gentle acne scrub that contains salicylic acid.

Stretchmarks - These red and white streaks develops when breast skin grows or shrinks rapidly, such as during puberty or after losing weight or having a baby. Unfortunately the longer you have them, the lower the odds are they'll fade, but you may be able to make them less apparent by using a prescription Retin A cream or a lotion with glycolic acid each night before going to bed.

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