Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I got Sore Throat

When a person catches flu or cold his or her back throat is beginning to swollen, this swollen affects the tonsil and adenoid, because of this a person experience sore throat. Another cause of sore throat is the germs called streptococcus, this germs cause’s irritation to our throat and gives the person uneasy feeling to our throat and for a while becomes sore throat. Other causes of sore throat are sinusitis, diphtheria, measles, and leukemia can be sometimes can cause sore throat.

Person’s with sore throat sometimes complain about warm and dried throat followed by chilling, fever, and laryngitis. Swollen lymph nodes are also cause of sore throat, swallowing can be painful for a person with sore throat. If the irritation of the throat reaches the air passage it can cause cold.

Many sore throats and infections are contracted from bacteria on toothbrushes which should be replaced monthly. Between uses store your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide (rinse thoroughly before using) or grapefruit seed extract to kill germs (which can also be used to gargle with.)

The uses of steam inhalation are effective in delivering relief to our sore throat, hot compress at your neck can also help subside the swollen throat, do this every night until the swollen decreases.

Take hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with water and gargle frequently. It will kill the germs in your throat. I have used it to stop a strep throat infection immediately. You may also use it to dissolve the wax in your ears and kill the bacteria. I use it undiluted to dissolve ear wax and clean out my ears.

You may also gargle with salt water.

It your doctor prescribes antibiotics for a bacterial throat infection, eat yogurt, such as Nancy's yogurt or Kefir from the health food store. The commercial yogurt in your grocery store does not have enough of the friendly bacteria in it to replace the one's killed by the antibiotics. The antibiotic kills the good and bad bacteria. The the bad bacteria will cause an overgrowth and you will be open to other infections. You need the good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria under control.

Drink a great deal of water to flush out your kidneys along with plenty of liquids. Herbal teas and fresh juices are best.

A mixture of raw honey and lemon juice will coat the throat and help kill the germs.

Extra vitamin C, garlic and honey will help fight the infection.

There are many drugs out there with medicated lozenges, commonly it is in candy type drug, and it really can help to lessen the irritation to our throat.


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