Monday, July 21, 2008

5 negative effects of smoking

"Cigarettes smoking is dangerous to our health" this are the words we usually ignore when we by a pack of cigarettes. If you ask a smoker what are the good things they get from smoking, i think no one can answer a very positive answer, but still many are addicted to it. but if you ask what are the bad things you could get from smoking here are the top 5:

5. Halitosis or Bad Breath: No one wants a bad breath

4. Emphysema and Chronic bronchitis: Symptoms are hard to breath, continuous coughing, and too much phlegm in our lungs.

3. Heart Disease: the smoke of a cigarette retrograde to the oxygen that we breath, then oxygen combine with the blood that circulate around our body system , and then blood will go back to our heart with the chemicals that we get from the smoke of the cigarette. This is the cause of heart disease.

2. Cancer in the mouth, throat and esophagus: because cigarettes contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, at tar this chemicals causes cancer

1. Cancer in the lungs: This is the best disease that you could get in smoking cigarettes, and sometimes people who smoke don't even know and its too late after they know it that he has a lung cancer.

Still there are some bad things you could get from smoking cigarettes like teeth gets discolored, fingertips turns yellow, turns you into addict in smoking, smelly clothes, gets tired easily. and so much more.

Pregnant women who smokes can affects his unborn child because of chemicals that she inhale while smoking.

There are people that already stop from smoking but suddenly they keep coming back.
There are many ways to stop us from smoking, the only thing that we have to have is discipline and determination if we don't have this I'm sure we can not get away with our smoking problems even if its the best way or method on the market.



Anonymous said...

Women who have never smoked in their lives and are married to smoking husbands face the risk of developing serious heart ailments. Second hand smoking can be disastrous to these women who are married to smokers. Among all the heart diseases, second hand smoking increases the risk of stroke also in these women.

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