Saturday, July 26, 2008

Benefits of Green Tea

{{en}}Green tea leaves steeping in an uncovere...Image via Wikipedia Green Tea has proven itself that it has plenty of health benefits, has been proven that green tea is bursting with health benefits. It serves as a good source of antioxidant, which has been known to help prevent cancer, recover from the harmful cholesterol, and protect against damage caused by free radicals. Green tea can give more benefits to health than other teas, because of the way it is dried. Green tea is organically grown and the traditional drying technique used with Green tea prevents the tea from the negative effects of fermentation.

Medical Benefits:

Impaired Immune Function
Rheumatoid Arthritis,
High Cholesterol,
Cardiovascular Disease,

Green tea has many medical benefits, that only some of its benefits, here are the others:

Green tea can even help prevent tooth decay! Just as its bacteria-destroying abilities can help prevent food poisoning, it can also kill the bacteria that causes dental plaque. Meanwhile, skin preparations containing green tea - from deodorants to creams - are starting to appear on the market.
Reduce smoking risks- cigarette smokers who drink up to six cups of green tea daily reduces their susceptibility to risks caused by the toxins emitted in cigarette smoke.

Beauty remedy- green tea may be used to freshen up the face and sooth tired or strained eyes. It can be applied to spots and blemishes to lessen their visibility.

Helps weight loss- the leaves of green tea plants help raise metabolism in the body. By increasing the amount of calories burned in a 24-hour period, green tea promotes weight loss.

Stop bad breath- an element found in green tea decreases the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It is said that drinking a cup or two of green tea may help maintain fresh breath.

Green teas inhibit the expression of antigens made by the body, substances that can trigger an immune response.

National Cancer Institute reports that Green Tea has Cancer preventing abilities and Cancer fighting components add new life to the market. People who have relied on expensive anti-oxidant products are finding that Green Tea is very economical and all natural. Tea is one of the top selling consumable drinks, only topped by water


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