Monday, June 20, 2011

Everyday fruits and vegetables, Everyday health benefits

Here are some simple healthy food tips for everyone.. never take any fruit and vegetables for granted read on...

Our favorite orange:
supports the immune system, combat cancer, protects your heart, straightens respiration

The sweet watermelon:
Lower cholesterol, Protects prostate, controls blood pressure, helps stops strokes.

The red and green apple :
Prevents constipation, protects your heart, cushions joints, improves lung capacity.

The tangy lemon:
protects your heart, controls blood pressure, smoothes your skin, combat cancer

The red tomato:
Protects prostate, combats cancer, lowers cholesterol,

The yellow pineapple:
Relieves colds, aids digestion, dissolves warts,strengthen bones.

Kills bacteria, controls blood pressure, combats cancer, lowers cholesterol

My ever favorite banana:
Quiets cough, strengthens bones, Controls blood pressure, protects your heart.

Sweet strawberry:
Boosts memory, calm stress, protects your heart and combat cancer.

Hot Chilli peppers:
Clears sinuses, boost immune system, combat cancer

The broccoli :
saves sight, strengthens bones, combats cancer, protects your heart

Smoothes skin, battles diabetes, lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure


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