Thursday, June 23, 2011

50% OFF on Warts removal treatment

Only P500 on a Warts Removal Treatment (Face or Neck) at Lattitudes Skin Care Clinic, Quezon City (valued at P1,000)

Warts, or Verrucae, are those unwanted brown, dark brown to black bumps or proliferation's of the skin that are caused by a viral infection. The more you see them, the more you want to get rid of them. But how? There are a variety of ways to extract these numerous impurities in your face or skin, and one way is to have them aesthetically removed. Sure, there are some home remedies but these warts are stubborn and caused by virus; thus they have to be literally uprooted from your skin. Don’t worry, there is minimal pain involved in this, visit Latittude Skin Care Clinic who can guarantee an almost painless procedure for you to be flawlessly beautiful once again. So, why wait, when you can be wart-free sooner than you think?

Lattitudes Skin Care Clinic is a primary skin health clinic manned by competent and licensed physicians and personnel. Updated in new trends in aesthetic dermatology, the clinic assures quality care and diligence in delivering services to the public. Lattitudes Skin Care Clinic is here to give you that beauty you ever wanted inside and out within your reach.

The procedure takes at least an hour—with the application of anesthesia (in topical cream form) lasting for 30 to 45 minutes, and the cautery procedure itself taking 15 to 20 minutes (face or neck area).
Rest assured that all procedures at Lattitude Skin Care Clinic are done by certified doctors.
The treatment procedure guarantees minimal pain or none.
The procedure, depending on the number and severity of warts, is also relatively quick, using Fougera, a US-brand topical anesthetic cream that minimizes pain or none.
No need to be wary of detrimental side effects—the procedure is scientifically and doctor-proven safe and causes no irritation to the skin.
Two sessions, with one-week interval in between, are recommended for the total clearance of warts.

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