Thursday, April 21, 2011

Travel and Diet

One of the hardest things for other people to do when on a diet is to stick with it while traveling, but honestly if you only know how to choose the smart way, you might find it not really that difficult. Traveling may not be the best time to start a healthy diet, but if you already started in anyhow, then this wouldn’t be that hard.

If you are going to travel by airplane, you have to include a healthy diet in your food, I mean the airplane food is not always bad, but you can always have an advance research before you book. When booking your flight you can always ask the customer service about the options of the airplane food, you can always try vegetarian, they have vegetarian dishes, so at this point this would be a very good choice for your healthy diet, nutritious balanced diet. But of course it still depends on the servings. Well you can always try to eat in advance, try to eat a large meal before your scheduled flight, so when it’s time to eat, you don’t need to eat the whole plate.

When you are going to drive or just taking a bus. Most people are really having that feel of hunger while traveling so you might stop at fast food restaurants, and you have no choice but to eat the food that you can buy there. Well you have to avoid this whenever possible! If you are on a vacation and you like to spend a bit, but don’t go overboard. Don’t eat fast food more than one in a week, this is not going to do god in your health, but if there’s no choice, you have to choose the healthiest food available, go on a diet soda, and choose the chicken breasts.

Of course one of the safest and the healthiest is to bring your own food when you travel, some lean lunchmeat, low fat cheese, whole wheat bread, these are good alternatives to junk food meals that are high-cholesterol. Oh another tip, you can always ask in advance if there’s a fridge in the hotel, so you could bring healthier food if you want.

And finally always be smart when choosing the food you eat whenever you are eating out, if you are going to eat pasta ask about the low-carb options they usually have those for health conscious ones. If you are choosing a salad, try to get the dressing on the side.
Lastly, make smart choices when you eat out. If you choose salads or pasta get the dressing on the side, nowadays many restaurants had the diet options in their menus so it won’t be hard for you. When you’re eating with friends you can always ask a friend if you can split the meal. Or order a small options like “solo” or lunch sizes.

Now you don’t need to always worry about your healthy diet whenever you are traveling. All it takes is a little discipline and smart choices.


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