Friday, September 11, 2009

Common Cold Home Remedies

The common cold is a common but bothersome problem that is caused by an invasion of a number of viruses that have spawned in the nose and throat - such as corona virus, metapneumo virus, human para influenza viruses and over 100 serotypes of rhino virus, a type of picorna virus. It has been estimated that the basic cold can be caused by over two hundred viruses! The viruses that result in the cold pass into the body through the area of the mouth and the nose - often from your own hand. They then travel to the tract of the respiratory system. Here, these viruses grow and multiply. Once they have sufficient numbers, these viruses cause the individual to experience many signs and symptoms making it clear that you have the common cold.

It has been discovered that individuals who have weak or suppressed immune systems, experience high levels of stress, or those who fail to get the proper amount of rest can develop colds more easily than others. In addition to these risk factors, those that experience mild to severe allergies may develop this type of sickness easily. Here, you will be introduced to the symptoms of the cold, as well as various home remedies for the common cold.

Symptoms of Your Cold

There are many symptoms associated with the common cold. One of the first things that become evident is soreness in the throat. The throat will probably feel dry and scratchy. It is also relatively common for a fever early on. The fever is usually somewhat less than one hundred degrees. The eyes may become watery and irritated. Furthermore, you may get a persistent sneeze, cough and a runny nose. When you get a severe cold, the body will probably have scattered aches and pains. There may be an altered taste, or even no appetite.

Remedies for Your Cold

There are lots of different home remedies for the common cold. It is important to know that if you are looking for a good remedy, there is no one set guaranteed best remedy for the common cold. Any and all home remedies that you engage in will either alleviate the symptoms that you are experiencing with your cold, or simply provide you with a higher comfort level while the cold runs its course. The following are some of the best home remedies for the common cold:

1. Get plenty of rest. Rest is essential when you fall ill because it allows your body to devote its time and energy to fighting off the infection. You should not overly exert yourself before you are better, or you may find yourself getting worse!

2. If you are searching for an herbal remedy for the results of the cold, you may find garlic to help. Garlic has been found to be a natural antiseptic. This helps to clear the body of viruses and any bacteria that have colonized the body.

3. Individuals who are cursed with congestion have found that vaporizers are indispensable for helping the congestion. Once you have inhaled the steam for a while, you should then drink some peppermint in a glass of warm milk. This will soothe the throat and open the sinuses.


As written here, there are some very useful home remedies for the common cold. You must first decide on the symptoms you want to soothe, and then pick out the home remedies that will help you in that symptom. Furthermore, you should guarantee that you get sufficient rest and keep up on your consumption of fluids. Then you will get relief with a rapid recovery.


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Drinking plenty of water is a good remedy for colds.


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Great post I love garlic however the smell I emit makes me think before I indulge as I end of smelling and I'm afraid everyone can tell what I ate the day before.

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