Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have a Healthy Travel

I love traveling, and having kids with you is really fun but a pain as well. Especially, if I'm not ready here are some of the lists that would keep you cool and stressed free.
1. Loose fitting clothes- figure huggers are bound to make you feel warm by mid tour. I used to wear really fit ones when i was a bit younger. You can still look fashionable in loose cotton tee, A wide belt in your waist will make you look very trendy, also avoid dark colors as this absorbs heat more than light hues.
2. Comfy shoes- If you are not an actress/popular/VIP then leave your stilettos at home. This shoes have absolutely no place in an activity that require you to walk for hours. Even flip flops can put a strain on your feet when worn for a long time, so stick to your most comfortable pair of sneakers. I love my flip flops but if I know that i'm going to walk for a long time, I make sure that I wear my sneakers.
3. Sun protection tools- My kids just love to run and walk even if we just stopped for a gas or for food. These is one thing i must not forget especially for them. Sure, SPF do the trick but it wouldn't hurt if you also brought along a hat and a pair of shades to protect you and your family from the sun,and my kids just love wearing their cool shades.
4. Bottled water - no need to lug a huge water jugs around, unless your traveling with kids. but do make sure you have small bottle of water in your bag. water keeps you hydareted, replacing fluids you lose when you sweat.
5. Facial spray - Not really a must but definitely good to have on hand. If the store-bought ones are simply too heavy on the pocket, you can improvise by putting clean water in an atomiz


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Great tips for traveling. I like the facial mist suggestion too.

Health said...

i love traveling too, and this tips is very useful. Sometime when i travel, i only bring a bottle of water :D

Personal Trainer Singapore said...

yes.. i totally agree because when we travel we still can perform exercise with our body weight. so no excuse.

skin whitening lover said...

I love traveling,too.
But I always have headache...
This article is helpful.

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