Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coffee against Uterine Cancer

Coffee may treat uterine cancer?I just got this another news about coffee. I love coffee but not to the point that i take too much of it. So i felt glad when i found out about this very good news.

Based on studies led by Japanese researchers. Women who add coffee to their daily diet may reduce the risk of having uterine cancer. This was led by the Japanese ministry who monitored 54,000 women ages 40 to 69 in over 15 years.

In those years of studies they've found out that 117 women developed cancer of the uterus, Reported by the medical team. Japan's National Cancer Center researchers divided those women into 4 groups, based on how much coffee intake. It was shown that the group who take coffee more than 3 time a day has over 60% lower chances to develop uterine cancer compared to those who take coffee 2 times a week.

This studies shows that Coffee may have effects in lowering insulin levels, It is possible that it may reduce the risk of developing womb cancer. The medical team said that they also studied about green tea consumption but they see no effects/chances that it may reduce the uterine cancer.

Based on U.S. Centers for disease control, Uterine cancer is the 4th most common diagnosed cancer in Women


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Wow, I did not know that so thank you for the information. I now drink one cup a day so I may raise that to two.

Sophia said...

Very interesting post! I always drink one cup of coffee. Did you know that caffeine may boost your workout? Looks like coffee does a lot of good!

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