Monday, December 28, 2009

Why we should cover our mouth when sneezing?

Here are some slow motion pictures of why we shouldn't sneeze on public places!

Sneezing, or "sternutation" as it's also called, is your body's way of removing foreign matter from your nose and throat. There are other causes of sneezing, and a lot more to this seemingly simple act than you can imagine.

Sneezing isn't normally a sign that something serious is wrong with your body. It's commonly caused by allergies, irritants such as dust or smoke, using nasal sprays, drug withdrawal, and foreign objects in your nose.

Sneezing is a very big deal in terms of spreading virus, that's why we should cover our mouth when sneezing, or if we can, avoid sneezing in crowded places, to prevent others from being infected.


Paulineh said...

Very good advice. With flu very bad this year it is important to avoid sneezing in public especially. Covering your mouth was always polite but then again manners isn't popular anymore is it.

The Fitness Diva said...

Ok, looking at those pics made me lost my appetite! Yuck!!!

Anyways, Happy Happy New Year, Ish! :D

Leigh said...

Yuck, that's pretty gross. Makes you really not want to be around anyone sneezy!

Ish said...

I'm sorry fitness diva if those pic made you lose your appetite, by the way Happy new year to and your family

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