Monday, June 13, 2011

50% Off for impacted molar extraction

P4000 instead of P8000 for an impacted molar extraction at Silhouette Dental Clinic

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They say that removing the rotten egg from the basket saves the remaining good eggs from harm and extinction. So is true with our set of teeth. Save the rest of your good teeth from that rebellious rogue tooth with today’s Sweet Deal: P4000 instead of P8000 for an impacted molar extraction at Silhouette Dental Clinic.

Silhouette Dental Clinic is run by veteran Orthodontist, Dr. Joel R. Cabradilla, who has over 20 years of dental practice here and abroad under his belt, as a resident toothist and surgeon. With today’s Sweet Deal, excruciating toothaches that cause sleepless nights simply become mere figments of one’s imagination. Your impacted tooth will gracefully make its way out of the agitated gums in a jiffy with the doctor’s prowess with the tooth extracting device and surgical scalpels. While having the patient oblivious to what is happening, the well-experienced doctor’s gentle touch and surgical strokes make the pain poof in a tick.

For other dental and oral requirements Silhouette Dental Clinic offers orthodontic procedures such as oral prophylaxis (P500), fluoride treatment (P500), tooth sealant (P400), composite filling (P500), temporary filling (P200), ordinary jacket crowns (P4000) and extraction (P400).

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