Friday, February 11, 2011

Stretch your way to a healthy body

Our body is flexible, well, it's meant to be that flexible. So you can able to reach or bend, reach anything that you drop on the ground. That same flexible body can help you reach that book at the top shelf at the library. These are just very simple activities, but if you are having difficulties doing these simple things or simple motions, I think you need to check a stretching program.

The act of extending to the fullest length of your body is called stretching. It involves training or stretching your limbs. Actually, stretching is very easy. You usually do it in you daily activities. You can do it anywhere, anyplace ant anytime,no matter how old or young you are.

Our muscles tightens as we aged. Range of our joint movements can be reduces. It hinders our lifestyle. that's why as we age we became less flexible. So stretching everyday or doing it regularly can be a very big factor in our health. Stretching doesn't require much of your time, It can be done daily.

Training with almost all kinds of sports is incomplete without stretching. It is usually at the beginning of every training. One of the most popular stretching in training would be the sit and reach. wherein your on a sitting position and trying to reach your foot with their hand. It is usually done for ten minutes. Just enough time to move or flex our muscles. Experts doesn't agree if you go beyond ten minutes, they say it will wear out your body not good for a game.

So what are the powerful benefits of stretching?

1. Stretching prevents injury, injury to joints, muscles and tendons. When your muscles are well flexed. They are definitely in good working order. Helps to recover fast and soreness are decreased. Lesser probability of being injured.

2. The range of one's movements increases if you stretch and exercise regularly, helping the limbs and the joints move. It helps prevents injury.

3. Your ability to perform increase as well, You can perform better and or do more things, you can jump higher without the pain, run faster or even swim with grace.

4. Stretching enhances your energy. Moving more means more energy and more energy means more or a lot of things that you can do.And being aware that you can do a lot of things can result to positive things.

5. Our cholesterol can also reduced by doing stretching. Yoga is one of the prolonged the exercise that can help reduce cholesterol, with proper and balanced diet this is very effective.

So stretch everyday, Don't just sit in front of your computer for hours. Stretch! Add it to your day to day routines,. It doesn't require much of your time. So Let's stretch our way to good health


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