Saturday, September 18, 2010

Milk Milk Milk!

I always hated milk, and I'm always trying to buy something that are flavored. And i ended up with chocolate milk. There are many people who love milk but are too conscious about their health so they ended up not drinking it any more. Here some great milks that you shouldn't taken for granted. A little knowledge about hem won't hurt.

Oat milk, low fat enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D-
craving variety (or really allergy prone)? Oat milk, which taste like Quaker instant with sugar in it. contains 2 grams of fiber per serving(half of which is the soluble, cholesterol-lowering kind). The other grain option, rice milk, is not much more than sugar water with a few added nutrients. Skip it. Oat's low protein means it's less that stellar for active babes looking to build muscle.

Soy Milk- Light unflavored, enriched with calcium and Vitamin D. A god send for milk lovers with daily allergies, thick nutty soy milk could help lower your LDL(also known as the bad) cholesterol a few points and some studies shows that it may help protect against breast cancer. Going light and unflavored allows you to skip extra sugar-chocolate and vanilla flavors ban have two or three times as much.

Cow's milk- fat free skim milk, According to the new study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the protein in cow's milk is twice as good at building muscle after workout as its soy counterpart. And without the saturated fat of whole milk, skim won't strain the two percent spandex in your jeans.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

I never liked milk and now as I am older cannot drink regular milk. I do however use vanilla soy milk in my cereal and I do like it. It's great in chocolate as well.

Douglas said...

Sexy long legs!

Traveliztera said...

I am a huge fan of milks ... I just finished my soymilk + protein shake. :D Also a huge fan of skim milk! :D

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