Friday, July 2, 2010

My Pregnancy Diary: 11th week

I'm on my 11th week now.  I'm  starting to feel some headache and dizziness at times which I've never experience before.   I'm still not gaining weight which I read is normal for some pregnant woman on their first trimester , but I really want to gain weight for my baby.  I'm still not showing but I already have a little bump that seems to get bigger after every meal which I find a little weird .   I always feel bad whenever people ask me if I'm really pregnant because I still haven't shown yet even people in the subway don't give me a seat since I don't look like pregnant  and end up standing all the way to my destination.   But I don't worry that much because I know that my bump will show after a few weeks.  I also wear dresses now instead of my usual office slacks and jeans because they don't fit me that well anymore, I think I need to go shopping for a new non-maternity clothes but still comfortable enough for my bump to wear.   I still feel nauseted sometimes especially when I smell something I don't like.  I'm going to hve my Check up next week and I'm so excited and I'm going to prepare some questions  to my GP.   


Mrs. Kolca said...

San hospital mo girl? San mo gusto manganak? :)

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