Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Improve Mental Agility

Memory lapses are part of the normal wear and tear that goes a long with middle age. No one is exactly sure why memory goes downhill. But sometimes even though we're still young we tend to forget.Why you forget some things (and not others). Different kinds of memory are created and stored in different parts of the brain and respond differently to aging. Here are some examples:

Episodic memory- The kind that you use to recall the name of a restaurant or the plot of the of a movie you saw week ago. It starts ti decline in your early 40's.

Semantic Memory- the type that gives you the ability to collect and retain new facts and figures. It holds up pretty well, which is why you know what a blog is but forget our dentist's address.

Procedural memory- the kind we draw on for tasks we do automatically, such as driving a car or playing the piano. This is also fairly resilient so even if you can't think of your best friend's phone number, you can press the right keys on the telephone pad.

So how will you build a better brain?

With training people have improved their mental agility after just two weeks, Based on research studies in UCLA's Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human behavior. These strategies can help:

1. Stretch your thinking- Crosswords puzzles have long been touted as mental strengthener. But if crosswords aren't your thing try sudoku, the new number puzzle Or sign up for a class in a subject new to you.

2. Get moving- Exercise increase s blood flow, which helps nourish brain tissue. It also helps nourish brain tissue. It also helps prevent or control other health conditions that can interfere memory.

3. Eat right- yes, fish really does seem to be brain food - as do nuts and olive oil. All these food contain omega-3 fatty acids, which may slow down brain aging. Antioxidants- found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and green tea - also protect brain cells. Coffee boosts attention and alertness, which can enhance learning. But stop after cup or two: Too much has the opposite effect.

4.Create connections- When you need to remember something specific, such as where you parked the car, make associations. The more vivid, the better: If you left car at level 3, section c in the parking garage imagine a billboard flashing "3c" in neon lights.

5. Manage Stress- Try whatever works for you- yoga, gardening, walking. Not only does tension distract you, making it hard to learn and remember things, but it also takes a direct toll on the brain . " In studies, human injected with stress hormones can't learn and or remember" says Dr. Gary Small.


Cielo said...

At my age of 38, I am really suffering from memory lapses...Must be brought about by my 2 Caesarian operation

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