Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kidney Cancer Awareness

Kidney cancer, is not contagious. In our country Philippines, Many people needs kidney transplant. And kidneys has been sold here for $2,200. But the demand is still high.

But what exactly causes kidney cancer? Now, Kidney is one of the most hard working organs in our body because it filters potential poisonous substances from blood. There's a great volume of blood that is filtered by kidneys in a matter of 4 to 5 minutes. They are as about the same size of a fist.

Symptoms of Kidney cancer:

Blood in the urine
hormonal changes
back pain and side pain

If the cancer is already in the advantage stages:

a lump or mass in the affected area/ abdomen
weight loss
easily get tired
easily get infections and anemia

The main cause of kidney is not yet clear, although one possible cause can be relate to pain-control drug phenacetin. And the risk are higher if they are cigarette smokers, overweight, Medical health conditions such as high blood pressure.

If Kidney cancer has been diagnosed and treated early, it has 50 % survival rate 10 years after the treatment. Survival rate is lower if the cancer has spread already in lymph nodes and renal vein.

Treatment are usually through removal of the whole kidney and the tissues that surrounds it, ureter and the major portion of renal vein. Radiation therapy are used to destroy cancer sells thare left. Radiation are done before the operation.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

This is all very valuable information, thank you for passing it on to us.

Printing Company said...

We should really take good care of our Kidney's, and I think it is one kind of cancer that is hard to detect. There are some medicines that are available to to take good care of our kidney's but I am not sure if will help in preventing kidney cancer..

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