Friday, August 21, 2009

Fight Depression with Natural Remedies and Methods

Depression is a fairly frequent psychiatric problem, which is characterized by a signs including depressed mood and other emotional problems, losing your temper, constipation, irritability, inappropriate crying, and the decreased ability to get any pleasure in just about anything. Depression torments between 7% and 19% of the people in the world. Major depression causes more than 60% of suicides every year, due mainly to the fact that only about a third of depressed people get medical attention.

Although the exact cause of depression is still unknown, there are many known natural remedies for depressive disorders. The most important natural remedy that can take care of your depression is diet, which actually plays a huge role in the dopamine levels in the brain. A diet that limits sweets, doughnuts, sweet chocolate, cake and other foods packed with sugar can actually diminish the incidence of depressed moods, since sugar laden sweets are able to temporarily increase mood by increasing blood sugar levels. But, once the glucose level drops, outlooks tend to drop farther than before and cause those disposed to depression to enter depressive periods. By avoiding peaks in blood sugar levels, major depressive moods can actually be prevented. Avoiding coffee and other drinks like 180, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper as well as dart and Worlds best coffee espressos that are high in caffeine can also be beneficial. The same goes for any alcoholic beverages. Caffeine and alcohol can both worsen mood, by providing temporary elation that is usually followed by depression. Those with depression should focus on consuming foods that are able to trigger serotonin production, such as foods rich in B vitamins and magnesium. Nuts, green vegetables, and some varieties of fish can be beneficial, since they can actually trigger a good mood without being followed by a state of depression.

St. John's Wort has been used in various countries for treating mild depression. Although it has not been proven useful for treating severe depression cases, it has been shown to actually increase synaptic levels of biogenic amines, such as nor epinephrine. Various studies have been performed, and have shown that St. John's Wort has actually been as effective as various prescription medications for depression. When used by patients diagnosed with mild depression, it can relieve many of the symptoms, included but not limited to extreme mood changes, loss of appetite, insomnia, and negative feelings. Exercise is one of the most helpful natural remedies for depression, because it can lessen some of the symptoms of depression while keeping the body in tone. Exercise has been shown to improve overall mood, increase energy, and reduce the effects of sleep loss in depressed people. Exercise has been effective in treating mild to moderate depression, but may take longer than prescription medications to show results.

Seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression that only occurs during certain parts of the year, has been shown to be effectively treated by exposure to artificial and natural sunlight. It is used as an alternative to prescription depression medications, and works by regulating the body clock. Exposure to artificial and natural sunlight can actually trigger chemical changes in the brain, such as melatonin and serotonin production which can increase sleeping patterns.

Depression is a irritating medical condition, but mild cases can easily be improved with the help of natural depression remedies. Prescription medication have well known risk factors, but using natural methods can improve the medical condition without any similar problems. Changing routine activities such as diet, exercise, and even social activities can help to improve depression periods decreasing your depressed mood and other emotional problems and muscle aches and headaches, making those diagnosed with depression able to live a happy and normal life.


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Depression can slowly kill the potentials of a person so that it act like a slow poison. You have share a very fine article with us. Thanks.

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You may believe that you're powerless to fight depression. You're not. I've struggled with depression for most of my life and I've had to learn how to fight depression day by day.

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